Questions that are asked all of the time

1.Why doesn't DJ Culture show his face on the internet, why does he wear masks? Simple! If you have followed his shows over the years then you already know that when he started streaming on the internet it was with LIVE VIDEO and that video only showed his hands for the first 7 years so nobody worldwide knew who he was or what he looked like. Well keeping with the brand now when he does shows he does them with masks on. To explain this with words directly from DJ Culture "I never wanted the crowd to focus on looking at me I want them to focus on the music, after all nobody can look at a pair of hands for 5 hours straight so then simply went and listened to my music".

2. Why doesn't DJ Culture post his shows online like YouTube and or Soundcloud or anywhere? This strategy has been working for many years now. In order to create "The Demand" what DJ Culture did was NOT promote any of his shows online and not give the entire internet even 1 show even though he has over 650 shows there is not 1 on the entire internet. So when word of mouth got around and someone asked "can I see his show on YouTube or hear his show on Soundcloud" the answer was always "NO" the only way to hear him is on Fridays at 10pm EST and if you are not there then you will not hear him! This created a viewer demand so on every Friday more and more people worldwide tuned into his show and started making it a weekly plan that on Fridays don't forget about The DJ Culture Global Remix Show.

3.Why does he talk so much about Battling? Well most people believe that DJ battling is eating a bowl of cheerios while your turntable spins around which is very idiotic. The REAL battle comes when you have a thousand or more people and you can rock a crowd of people without falling offbeat or better yet cutting your way into a complete mess of a off tempo session. The crowd decides who wins not the 10 people you brought with you. Words from DJ Culture "if you say you are the best you need to be prepared to get on stage and show every other DJ on the planet that you are truly the best at any time".

4. Why do you call yourself Culture? culĀ·ture noun the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. If you travel the world then you know all humans are the same and there is one thing that I like about these humans is their culture. If you have the chance to experience different cultures in life then do so it will help your soul. I thought the name would explain my style of mixing and music.

5.What advice do you have for upcoming DJ's? Do NOT start off with serrato! It will ruin your natural talent! Start off with 2 CDJ's maybe 800's 850's and just Burn 2 discs of the same music and put them in. DO NOT use serrato, DO NOT use headphones! I personally have named this practice " The Marley Effect" after a friend and mentor Marley Marl. This way of practice will teach your ears how to mix songs within the very first 10-20 beats that you hear. This training is very similar to putting a heavy weight vest on during jump practice so that when you take it off you jump higher. My training is very similar. I have used every single piece of equipment the industry has to offer from track machines to MPC's, keyboards, samplers, midis, and much more. This method of DJ practice is the absolute best! Oh and after your skills get good my next advice is this:

6.There are absolutely No Refunds? I have done business for many years in this industry and things happen and things come up. I do not allow refunds NO MATTER what on any promos my Ep's my advertising, my instagram, social network marketing and or my multicasting productions.They only thing that I will allow is credit towards air time on the station. Please do not come to me after the fact and request a refund because it will not happen. Our lawyer already gave us this advice 7 years ago to post this on our website and as long as we do we are covered. Albowitz&Spitzer Inc it is better that we work something out for your sake.

*Keep your circle small, Ego's-friends-women will destroy your brand so limit them
*Cash Only
*Never do he say she say "get everyone on the phone"
*NEVER touch a turntable at a show if you don't plan on that show being better than the show you did last
*Friends don't borrow money,they stash some for you without you knowing
*Most managers are NOT really managers, Most DJ's are not really DJ's
*Don't take all jobs offered to you "the location could damage your brand"
*Money is NOT everything your health is you'll see
*Don't be purchased like a item if you don't like the product don't take the money
*Trust only up to 3 people 100% MAX and there is still a posibility that one of them will let you down
*Create your own mixes use your own ideas express your talent through music
*Don't post crazy on social networks "why do you have time for that?
*No matter what, stash some money for a raining day when your other money isn't there
*Be prepared to BATTLE at any time any place if someone calls you out.
Follow these rules and it will only help your whole situation out.

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