about DJ Culture

    The most original DJ on the Planet Earth
    his shows are the best in the Universe!

    DJ Culture is a pioneer of broadcasting on the internet. 20 years ago he registered patents that are all LIVE GLOBAL BROADCASTING patents. His knowledge of broadcasting worldwide in real time is next to no other. Besides having a technical background in the industry, DJ Culture has an incredible talent for remixing music LIVE on his show now for 13 years straight. He has studied under many world famous DJ’s such as DJ Marley Marl, Paul Oakenfold , DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chillout, Tony Touch, Little Louie Vega, and several others. Each show that DJ Culture hosts is a one of a kind show and there is NEVER a planned show no matter where he is spinning! He has done shows from 1500 people to 30,000 people. Each show has a artistic touch to it and you will never know what you are coming to enjoy. It might be lasers, smoke, and lights or it might be a pyro tech show with explosions on stage. Each show is unique! DJ CULTURE has worked with the following Artists.