Book The Show


Yes we will take offers for shows at lower prices but the show below is the "#1 SHOW that DJ Culture offers".

1: The show comes with the dj culture girls staff of 10 dancers

2: 3 opening DJ’s

3: LIVE broadcast Camera Crew

4: LIVE broadcast Tech team “that will be streaming the event live onto the internet!

5: The DJ Culture Global remix show “one of a kind mixes never heard before”

6: A full archive of your event placed on, and your companies website

7: Each show will have it’s very own artistic theme that will be presented to the promoters/owners.

A: All travel must be paid up front 3 first class 5 coach

B: Hotels must be confirmed before flight! 5 star

C: Room Service Tab: $2500  {Negotiable}

D: Private Car service for the duration of the stay “vehicle must fit 8?

E: Only belvedere banners and promotion is allowed. I will not prmote any other brand of Liquor or Beer

F: We must have Private Security to and from the club.

The Cost: $37,500  The Length of the show: 4 hours

If you have questions about the booking then please contact us at