This promo is for 1 week actually ends up being 10 Days. The music is in rotation and also remixed on my show on Friday 10pm EST



This promo is for 10 days and includes a LIVE on air Interview on my show. Your music will be in rotation and also remixed on my show.



This promo ia for 2 weeks ends up being 21 days and includes your music in rotation and 2 LIVE Interviews on my Friday show.



This promo is for a full 30 days. The promo includes your music in rotation daily along with 3 LIVE interviews on my Friday night show.


Remix Production

Have your music remixed for your Mixtape or EP" @TheRealCulture"
Starts at $850

Artist Spotlight

Full 30 Day promo along with a in studio interview at our Queens Studio

Studio Recording

With Ceas who has worked with DefJam and Multiplatinum Artists!
Starts at $1250

The Best Promo

30 Days music rotation and a personal meeting with Culture to go over your brand.

Some of my Links!

LIVE Instant DJ

Yes Really! DJSTARTMYPARTY.COM is a LIVE streaming DJ service that is provided at time of purchase.!
The DJ Culture Album

Download it Here

DJ Culture will release a full 60 minute Album filled with remixes never heard! The Album was translated into 20 languages.

Streaming Radio

I own DSR with DJ CLUE & CEAS this network streams live from celebrity parties and night clubs worldwide. Tune in..

Live Healthy & Happy

3 Years to find the right company to provide the absolute best drinking water for your every day needs.!


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#1 Comdey Show

The funniest show on earth! @followceas and crew bring the laughter every Monday at 10pm EST follow them on the gram.
Talented Artists

I am looking for talent

I am looking to consult for a few artists this year in 2019 let me know if you need help!
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Now Booking Parties

Global Remix Show

All of my shows have an artisitic theme to them. Book your experience now! Click below for more info.
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Steam Powered Network

Gaming Gosu

My show is streamed live to millions of onlie gamers who are playing call of duty, Team Fortress, Left 4 dead, and Counterstrike. Viralpwnage
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Overseas Bookings

We have Translators

If you are from another country simply email us and we will have our translator contact you for a smooth booking.
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Artists with my show

Multiplatinum Artists

I can book just about any Artist that is HipHop, R&B, OldSchool, and Dance acts. I get better prices than booking agents.
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Artists Worldwide


I will custom remix your music for redistribution to the world through our many social network followers and DJ's.
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Want to join my team?

Looking for Talent

I am looking for an exclusive graphics designer, a personal assistant for my brand and like 3 roadies to handle my performances
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